The Sky Burial

Human bones litter the ground; knuckles, teeth, one side of a jaw, rusted knives and axes scattered among them, the first evidence we’ve found that we’ve come to the right place. Behind us, from Lithang, a procession marches along the winding dirt road, a team of young men carrying something on their shoulders.

Lessons on Community – The Larapinta Trail

Day One on the trail finds the eight of us in good spirits until somewhere near the 22 kilometer mark. The terrain is mostly flat, the red earth masked by spinifex and scraggly trees that offer only minimal shade, the path meandering between rolling hills, climbing only occasionally over rocky outcrops. It’s an easy trailContinue reading “Lessons on Community – The Larapinta Trail”

A Language of Smiles

The young Tibetan speaks no English. My Mandarin is limited. In a language of smiles and gestures, he tells me to remove my boots. I peer dubiously along the steep, rocky path, running above a blue, alpine lake. More Tibetans, the man’s family, hobble over the stones, faces taught in pained concentration. Prayer flags flutterContinue reading “A Language of Smiles”